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Grills &  Firepits

Yoder Smokers

The World's Most Versatile Grill. NOW WITH YFI!

A little competition is a good thing. Especially when you're competing at something that really matters. Like barbecue. And let's face it, whether you're competing against the top smoke masters, the guy next door, or yourself, barbecue matters. So, for all you folks who like to win – the smoke pit crews, the Backyard Chefs the apron-wearing, tong-carrying people who live to "Grill" – it is YOU for whom we build our Yoder Smokers.

Yoder Smokers

Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Pellet Grilling at its Finest

A Memphis Wood Fire Grill is the backyard chef’s secret weapon. It has you covered from pork chops to pies; from burgers to brisket to banana bread. By combining four separate cooking techniques (grilling, wood-fire searing, low-n-slow smoking, and convection baking), it is quite possibly the most versatile and flavor-enhancing device on the planet.

Moreover, our Memphis Wood Fire Grills offer the latest in state-of-the-art technology and intelligent design. Our Memphis Mobile App (iOS and Android) ensures you can monitor and adjust your grill no matter where you are—at work, on the lake, or downstairs watching the game. In addition to our Wi-Fi capabilities, our wood pellet grills are made from the most durable stainless steel on the market. No matter where you live or how you prefer to grill, you are assured to find the right Memphis Grill to fit your home.

Memphis Grills

Pit Boss Grills

Pit Boss 8-in-1 Grilling

Turn a simple dial to start the grill, and you can sear a steak, bake pizza or cookies, smoke jerky, ribs or brisket, all with natural flavored wood pellets. With a dynamic range of cooking temperature from 180° to 500°F, you have complete control with the turn of a dial. The digital control board results in precise cooking control. Fan forced convection cooking seals in meat juices and eliminates the need for a rotisserie.

Pitt Boss

Lyfe Tyme Grills

Our Name Says It All!!

A very important part of this design is indirect cooking.  By separating the fire from the meat, grease fires are eliminated as well as adverse effects on grilling directly over your heat source.

When attempting to obtain a charcoal flavor, direct cooking sears the meat surface, preventing the flavorful smoke from penetrating.  Meat just gets charred when done over direct heat, and some folks think that's the charcoal flavor!

All our our grills are designed to be used as smokers as well as grills.  That's because all of our units have stack dampers and a butterfly intake draft for smoke and heat control.  If you choose, you can put charcoal under all the grill surfaces and cook with direct heat.

Lyfe Tyme

Goldens' Cast Iron

The world's toughest cooker. Welcome to the Iron Age!

Goldens' Cast Iron Kamado Grill and Cooker is engineered for durability and superior performance. The cast iron top, bottom, grates, and single-piece firebox make this a cooker that will last. And it can be mounted to a hand crafted steel frame cart with cast iron wheels. Proudly made in the USA.

Goldens’ Foundry began operations in Columbus, Georgia in 1882 as Goldens’ Brothers, founded by Theodore Earnest “Theo” Golden and John Poitivent “Porter” Golden.

At the beginning of 1889, Goldens’ Brothers was incorporated, with the financial support of Abraham Illges, and renamed Goldens’ Foundry and Machine Company. We have been in continuous operation at our Columbus, GA facility since then.

In 2007 Goldens’ acquired a second facility in Cordele, GA and installed a modern Savelli Formimpress mold line there.

We are now entering the fifth generation of this family owned and operated business.

Goldens' Cast Iron

Louisiana Grills

Sear, BBQ, Char-Grill, Smoke, Grill, Roast, Bake, Braise

A timeless classic, our cook everything grill is known for its heavy duty construction & cooking versatility. It’s the only grill you’ll ever need.

Louisiana Grills

Circle J Firepits

The Best Grills For Cookouts

Circle J Fabrication was founded in 2003 by Joe and Justin Jones. Having been in business for almost 14 years, the Jones Family has manufactured a lot of fire pits, burn pits and smokers! Quality products and great customer care is what Circle J Fabrication is all about. Made in America quality is a tradition with this family. The 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant sits on two acres of property that the Jones family has been operating on since the 1930’s.

Circle J Firepits
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