Cooking Pellets

Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Pecan, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Alder, Competition Blend, Tennessee Whiskey Barrel and even a Realtree Big Game Blend.  We have the wood pellets you want to use in your pellet grill.

Heating Pellets

We carry Henry County and Greenway heating pellets.  Winter is coming!  So come load up a few bags or a whole pallet.  We'll help you keep the fire going.

Pro Tip: Stock up early. We keep heating pellets in stock all year, but sometimes it is hard to get them toward the end of the heating season.

Fireplace & Grill Accessories

We have plenty of accessories to go with your grill.  Stop by and grab something from our large stock of spices and rubs from Louisiana, Elk Creek, John Henry's, Bad Byron's, and more.  Grab some grilling tools, like a wireless thermometer.  Try the A-Maze-N smoke tube.  It will turn any grill into a cold smoker or just add a little smoke flavor to whatever you are grilling.  Grab some Grill Grate Brand grill grates for your grill to get that perfect sear on your steak.  While you are here, pick up some glass cleaner for your fireplace.  We have you covered!

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Pellet Tube Smoker